End of September

Saturday, September 29, 2012

It is 81 degrees today.  The end of September in Minnesnowta! I wished I liked it.  Although the trees ARE getting pretty.  I miss my annual drive around the lakes. I miss it, I miss it.  And actually my old favorite drive, too.  But my car is gone and I can't do that any more.
This place is so buggy and after 5 years (?? Where did the time go??) while it is a nice concept, and there are beautiful common areas and stuff, I almost miss my old dump.  Almost.  
I want to pack up (although I can't afford it) and have a HOME.  New furniture. NO BUGS. Wow, what a concept.  That was supposed to happen here.  And it did for a while.
I am going to loose everything with these bugs.  Everything I own. 
Do you actually think I am as funny with dry humor as my cat blog? Hell, no. Sorry. 
I can't get anyone to listen or anyone to help.  Reach out, people, and care for others! Why are so many of us ignored, taken advantage of, never given anything to enhance our lives other than what we carve out of the pavement?
Our fingers bleed when we do that.
Our hearts are numb.
Our eyes drown in pools of tears.
We are nothing.
My word, I am sounding like my old poetry. I think I will shut up for a while.
See ya around?


Sunday, August 12, 2012

This morning it is dark and gray looking outside. It is Sunday. With the windows open and the fresh air coming in, and the blinds lightly swaying, it made me wonder if this is how it is at the seaside. The only thing needed is the sound of water and the reeds rustling and the sea birds, I imagine.  I wonder if I would like living by the sea.  Or even by a large lake like Lake Superior.  I do remember the sound of water lapping against the shore. It can't be much different seaside.
I remember that beautiful cabin we visited years ago. A bay window in the front, which served as the dining room (lovely to look out the window at the lake, and the bird feeders. Sit at the table in the morning with a large cup of coffee). To the side, a living room with an actual pot bellied stove for warmth in the winter.  And a huge back three season porch to watch the deer and the bears and other wild life in the forest beyond. How wonderful to be surrounded by quiet nature.
But that is not my life, only a memory of visiting someone elses life.
My windows look out on the tops of  trees and houses and in the distance, highways. Once I loved this place.  Now it is plagued with bugs and crime and absolutely crazy old people who can't see good in anything except complaining.
I wish for a much simpler life. And more beauty. And more nature. And peace.
See ya.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Guess I haven't been very inspired, yet. Unlike my cat's blog, this is fairly quiet. Heck, my life is fairly quiet. I really miss Pat and our old adventures. My days were full of laughter.
I know. At least I had them.
But still. Can't I have more laughter and adventure or am I getting too old?
Kinda depressed today.  Haven't been feeling well.  I want to get out of this neighborhood, too.  Now if I could just take the kitchen with me! And they can have the bugs!!
Five years and I still miss the old neighborhood (although not the old apartment--shudder). Oh, let's be honest, I miss the school and the students I worked for more than anything.
But still.  I hate this neighborhood.
I feel so stuck here.
See ya.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

The kitty and the mom who were using this as their  blog have moved on.  Hopefully where they are they have their own computer and are doing well.
We wished them good luck.  They were moving into a nice house in one of the suburbs.
Mystery was quite a character.  I miss Mystery, but unfortunately brandi I think has forgotten all about her. I hope they have their own blog.  Haven't heard from them. I'm thinking about using this blog myself.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not blogged for a while.  Seems my pet and brandi's pet don't quite have the same schedule.  Mom has been working a night shift. She doesn't like it. She is tired all the time.
The plus is we snuggle alot. She is a nice warm pet!
Wait, did I just say snuggling is a plus?
I am getting soft.

Hey there

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My mom still doesn't have a puter. And brandi's apartment is a mess, so it has been hard posting.  Not that anyone cares. Even me.  But I kinda feel sorry for them.  Our place is done, and they are still waiting.
Nasty, huh.

Still Whapping

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yup.  Still here.  Brandi's still here, too.  Lots of stuff going on in her partment.  We don't have all that stuff, and it was a lot easier for us to move around.  Plus, we didn't get the bugs.
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