Saturday, August 11, 2012

Guess I haven't been very inspired, yet. Unlike my cat's blog, this is fairly quiet. Heck, my life is fairly quiet. I really miss Pat and our old adventures. My days were full of laughter.
I know. At least I had them.
But still. Can't I have more laughter and adventure or am I getting too old?
Kinda depressed today.  Haven't been feeling well.  I want to get out of this neighborhood, too.  Now if I could just take the kitchen with me! And they can have the bugs!!
Five years and I still miss the old neighborhood (although not the old apartment--shudder). Oh, let's be honest, I miss the school and the students I worked for more than anything.
But still.  I hate this neighborhood.
I feel so stuck here.
See ya.


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