Oh, my

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

There. He did it again. He commented on my blog!


Oh, yeah. The remodel (if you have been reading brandi's blog). Yuck. They are working in the hallway here. Haven't been in our place, but the hallway is NOISY. They are drilling and running some big wires or something through the ceilings.

Hope I don't have to hang out with brandi when they come into here. I think we have to get crated and move to one of the community rooms with our food ladies each day they are here. Huh. Woofies don't get crated! How Unfair.



Tiger Lily said...

Hi Mystery. It is very good to meet you! Thank you for visiting my new blog. Mom helped me add you to my Friends list tonight.


p.s. I put you in as Mystery, not Brandi.

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